Published on October 12th, 2019 | by Apuntes LJ

My Neighborhood: Richmond, CA

A Poem by Gabriel Arboleda

Gabriel Arboleda is 16 years old. He is a Junior at Richmond High School, and “My Neighborhood” is a poem he prepared for his English class.

The cracks along the street
And along the sidewalk meet
Where the slanted street lights
Give life to the desolate nights,
The painted walls of buildings
Worn to the point of peeling,
Gunshots in the distance
Make you fearful of your existence.

A city of new beginnings,
Where immigrants bring their families
To live out the American dream
And make a profitable living.
Spanish fills your ears, 
Taco trucks far and near.
People who left their country
In order to escape their peasantry
Have brought over their culture
To raise the Americans of the future.

Under the dense cloud of smoke
Covering the city like a cloak,
Lies the city of Richmond,
Where it is hard to find a rich man. 
But when given light 
There is more than just gang fights.
The city of pride and purpose,
Previously known to be murderous, 
Is just like any other city
And a place of opportunity.

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